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15 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week (October 17 to 20)


Next week on EastEnders, Kheerat drops a bombshell about Nish, while Lola and Jay are caught out and Jack is furious over Amy and Denzel’s sex plans.

Here’s a full collection of the 15 biggest moments coming up:

1. Kheerat reveals a secret about Nish

15 2

Things are tense at the Panesars’ as Kheerat struggles to remain civil with Nish, following his release from prison.

Vinny supports his dad but Nish is disappointed when Ash and Kheerat fail to show for a family lunch.

Later, Kheerat opens up to Stacey about Nish and reveals his dad killed someone who got too close to Suki.

2. Lily worries about Amy

14 3

Lily is concerned to hear that Amy plans to sleep with Denzel.

Stacey picks up that Lily is hiding something and eventually gets the truth out of her.

After learning what’s going on with Amy, Stacey relays this to a horrified Jack.

3. Nish collapses

13 4

Nish tries to settle himself back into the family businesses but, after a run of awkward incidents, has a confrontation with Kheerat. Alone, Nish collapses on the floor.

As Ash tends to him, Nish shares some touching words with his daughter.

4. Lola struggles to hide her jealousy

12 6

Zack spots Martin chatting up delivery driver Jenny, and helps him to secure a double date with her and a friend.

Martin begs Jay to be his wingman, prompting him to ask Lola if they should be open about their rekindled relationship.

Oblivious to Jay’s discomfort, Martin arrives to plan their double date, while Lola is forced to hide her jealousy. Conflicted, Jay debates cancelling his date with Amber, until Martin arrives raring to go.

At Peggy’s, Amber takes a shine to Jay and Lola arrives to witness this. Feeling awkward, Jay eventually leaves to see Lola, where he suggests they go public.

5. Jack attacks Denzel

11 7

With Jack and Denise going out for the evening, Amy decides to take advantage of being home alone and invites Denzel over.

When Denzel arrives, he tells Amy that he wants to take things slowly. As the two kiss, a raging Jack storms in and slams Denzel against the wall.

Denise, Howie and Kim all try to calm Jack down as Amy insists nothing happened.

6. Jack faces the music

10 7

Jack puts harsh punishments in place for Amy in the wake of the incident with Denzel.

Howie tries to talk to Denzel, who assures him nothing happened with Amy, while Patrick also offers some words of support.

As Jack starts to calm down, he gets a call from his boss, who tells him he’s been reported for assaulting Denzel and will be investigated.

Jack throws accusations about who is responsible, but who did report him?

7. Nina makes a shock decision

9 7

Nina puts the pressure on Ravi to push on with their plan but it’s clear he’s more concerned about Nish and wants everyone to know their real connection.

Nina panics as Ravi gets too close to Nish following his collapse and later makes a decision.

She tells Ravi that she’s reporting Ranveer as missing – declaring him dead is the only way to get his money.

8. Kheerat drops a bombshell

8 7

Kheerat fumes following a heated exchange with Nish and his day gets worse when he realises Stacey knew about Suki and Eve’s relationship, and also about his father.

Feeling betrayed, Kheerat storms out but faces further frustration when he realises that Nish has managed to win Ash round.

Back at home, Kheerat makes a huge decision and tells Vinny and Ash why their dad was really in prison.

9. Sam makes a move on Jack

7 7

When Denise addresses disapproval over his recent behaviour, Jack is surprised when Sam offers him someone to talk to instead.

After a few drinks, Sam leans in for a kiss, unaware that someone is watching and has filmed the whole thing.

10. Denise gets a nasty surprise

6 7

As he continues to keep Amy on a tight leash, Jack is stunned when he receives the video of Sam kissing him from a mystery sender. His day gets even worse when he later discovers he’s been suspended from work due to his attack on Denzel.

Jack goes round to apologise to Denzel, but has a bigger problem on his hands when Denise receives the video of Sam kissing him.

Denise later confronts Sam over her betrayal, unaware that Ricky is listening.

11. Nish tries to make amends

5 7

Vinny and Ash confront their dad about what Kheerat has told them, leaving Nish silently fuming.

Jean senses Kheerat’s stress and invites the family – including Nish – to a games night.

Nish sees this as an opportunity to build bridges, but Kheerat is still seething with his dad.

12. Lola and Jay are caught out

4 7

Jay and Lola tell Martin they’re back together but ask him to stay quiet, unaware Lexi is growing suspicious anyway.

Martin accidentally lets this slip with Lily, who, unaware it’s a secret, congratulates Lola and Jay in front of Lexi.

Lexi is furious that they kept it from them and warns Lola and Jay that they will need to make it up to her. She is soon listing her demands, prompting Lola to turn to Felix for help.

13. Zack and Sam grow closer

3 10

Having stopped Zack going on a double date with Martin, Sam suggests he stays after his shift for a drink.

Sam is later touched when Jack suggests Ricky spends the day with her.

When Sam struggles to entertain her son, Zack steps in to help.

14. Felix and Finlay move out

2 14

The Taylor/Baker clan are struggling to make ends meet, leading Finlay and Felix to announce they’re moving out.

Felix and Finlay put off a prospective housemate for Chelsea, and convince her to let them move in instead.

15. Amy’s struggles continue

1 16

Despite all the trouble she’s in with Jack, Amy allows Nugget to assume she slept with Denzel anyway.

Amy struggles when she receives nasty messages from people at school, after false information starts to spread.

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