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EastEnders spoilers: Nish Panesar needs his family on side


Nish Panesar has some explaining to do in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders

Nish Panesar is quietly seething after he finds out that son Kheerat Panesar has told his other children Vinny Panesar and Ash Panesar the real reason why Nish was in prison.

The pair confront their dad over the lies and he does his best to try and smooth things over, but they’re not having any of it!

When Jean Slater realises her daughter Stacey Slater’s boyfriend Kheerat is really stressed about his dad, she decides to invite the Panesars over to theirs for a games night. Nish realises that it’s a good opportunity to build bridges with his family and he’s happy to go along with her plan.

Things don’t go entirely smoothly, however, as Kheerat is not in the best of places with his dad. Can Nish talk the family round?

Meanwhile, Nina Gupta is plotting… She tells secret lover Ravi Gulati that they need to get their hands on the dead Ranveer Gulati’s money as soon as they can. And the only way to do it is to report him missing…

Will her risky plan pay off?

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Amy Branning is having trouble at school.

Amy Branning is feeling miserable following recent events after her furious dad found her kissing fellow teen Denzel Danes.

Although she was planning to sleep with Denzel, nothing more happened than a few kisses before they were interrupted by a raging Jack!

However, somehow at school word has spread that she and Denzel did the deed and Amy has found herself in the centre of some rather nasty gossip.

When she gets horrible messages from some of the kids at school she feels tormented.

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The Baker Brothers have a plan!

Felix Baker and Finlay Baker have decided that they need to move out of the Baker-Taylor household. Well, it must be a bit cramped for all of them there together!

When they realise that Chelsea Fox is interviewing housemates to move in to her fairly palatial pad, they intervene and put off a prospective viewer.

Approaching Chelsea, they put the best case forward to take them in as lodgers. Will Chelsea agree to their cheeky request?

Also, Lola Pearce asks Felix Baker to help out with daughter Lexi Pearce’s upcoming pageant.

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