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EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning is reported for assault!


Jack Branning realises his career is in jeopardy in Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders.

Jack Branning is raging after finding Denzel Danes kissing his daughter Amy Mitchell! After Jack grabs Denzel and violently pushes him against the wall, Denise Fox, Kim Fox and Howie Danes burst in, begging Jack to calm down.

Amy is distraught over her dad’s behaviour and she insists that nothing happened between them. Determined to make Amy see sense, he doles out a harsh punishment for her actions.

Finally, Jack starts to calm down after some wise words from Denise. But things are about to get a whole lot worse…

Jack gets a call from his boss and discovers the shock news that someone has reported him for assaulting Denzel! The seroius accusation means that he will be investigated and could lose his job. Who could have grassed him up?

After the day from hell, Jack heads to Peggy’s for a few drinks to drown his sorrows. Sam Mitchell is surprisingly sympathetic and offers him an ear. But a few drinks down the road and Sam takes things too far when she leans in for a kiss!

Little does Jack know but someone is filming them…

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Jay Mitchell feels uncomfortable on his date with Amber.

Jay Mitchell is feeling super awkward about his double date with Martin Fowler. He’s agreed to be Martin’s wingman so a smitten Martin can take out his delivery driver Jenny.

With Martin so keen to go on the date, Jay doesn’t have the heart to make excuses to get out of it. But once they get to Peggy’s, it’s clear Jay’s in a bit of trouble as Jenny’s friend Amber really takes a shine to him!

When Jay’s secret girlfriend Lola Pearce spots Amber getting flirty with her man, she is full of jealousy. Jay feels awful and he manages to leave the date early so he can go and apologise to Lola.

After making it clear that she’s the one he wants, he suggests that they go public with their reunion.

Meanwhile, Zack Hudson is feeling down in the dumps on his shift at the club as Sam Mitchell made him work so he couldn’t go on the date with Martin. When she suggests that Zack stay for a drink after his shift, he wonders if she has ulterior motives…

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Nish Panesar is treated by daughter Ash Panesar after his collapse.

Nish Panesar seems in a bad way following his collapse but fortuntely he’s found by his family. Daughter Ash Panesar, a doctor, checks him out and makes sure he’s okay.

Ash calls fellow doctor Nina Gupta to tell her what’s been going on and Nina is worried. She’s completely focussed on her plan with Ravi Gulati and she doesn’t want the Panesar family getting in the way any more than they already have.

When Kheerat Panesar finds out that Ash rushed to their father’s side, he’s frustrated. After girlfriend Stacey Slater lets slip that she knew about his mum Suki Panesar’s hook up with Eve Unwin he feels betrayed.

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