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EastEnders spoilers: Jack Branning is blackmailed!


Jack Branning is in hot water over Sam Mitchell’s kiss in Wednesday’s episode of EastEnders.

Jack Branning is still furious with daughter Amy Branning for inviting Denzel Danes round while he was out. After catching them kissing he’s determined that his teenage daughter is not going to take things any further and makes sure he knows exactly where she is.

Meanwhile, despite Sam Mitchell’s surprise kiss, he offers to let her take their son Ricky for the day and she’s touched by his kindness.

When Jack gets a message from an unknown sender he’s shocked to see it’s a video of Sam moving in for a kiss!

Jack’s day gets even worse when he learns that he’s been suspended from work pending an investigation after being reported for assaulting Denzel Danes after catching him with Amy.

Realising he’s been out of order he visits Denzel to make an apology but things are about to get out of hand when wife Denise Fox is sent the incriminating video!

How can Jack get himself out of this one?

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Kheerat Panesar makes a shock confession.

Kheerat Panesar has seen his life falling apart around him with the return of his dad Nish Panesar from prison. The difficult situation between father and son has led Kheerat to push girlfriend Stacey Slater away.

After Stacey’s daughter Lily Slater gives her a reality check about her relationship with Kheerat, Stacey is keen to try and make things right between them again. But will Kheerat agree?

Later, Kheerat realises that his siblings Ash Panesar and Vinny Panesar need to know the truth about their dad. He confronts the pair and reveals why their dad was really in prison.

What will they say?

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Lexi Pearce makes a shock discovery!

Jay Mitchell and Lola Pearce realise that they need to start letting people know that they are back together. They tell Martin Fowler their news but ask him to keep it quiet for now.

Lola’s daughter Lexi Pearce is getting suspicious that there’s something her mum’s not telling her.

It seems that Martin can’t keep a secret for long as he ends up letting slip about Lola and Jay to a surprised Lily Slater.

Not realising she’s supposed to be keeping it quiet, she congratulates the pair in front of Lexi!

Little Lexi is fuming that they kept their relationship from her and warns them that they will have to make it up to her or else!

Also, Finlay Baker and Felix Baker have surprise news for Mitch Baker and Karen Taylor.

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