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How Sam Frost and Survivor star Jordie Hansen went from unexpected couple to expecting their first child in six months

Sam Frost

Fans were surprised by the unlikely combination when Home and Away actor Sam Frost and former Survivor participant Jordie Hansen made their romance public in March 2022.
But Sam and Jordie have shown they’re a match made in heaven with open expressions of love, constant giggles, and a shared love of the great outdoors!
During an interview with Stellar on March 27, Sam made her first clue that she had a particular someone in her life by stating that she was “casually dating someone.”

Sam revealed to the radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa two days later that she had fallen in love with Jordie, who just so happened to be her younger brother Alex’s buddy and fellow Survivor contestant.
Sam explained, “When I bailed out my brother, I asked, ‘Oi, is he single or what?’ and he said, ‘Ah, don’t be strange.’ He said, ‘You’re so embarrassing!’”
I’m a little cougar, you know, and he’s younger.
The couple’s life milestones just kept on coming after that.
Sam and Jordie disclosed in July that they had secretly been married in late May while on a holiday to Uluru.
The engaged pair later announced in September that they were expecting their first child!

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Sam and Jordie were thrilled to learn they were expecting their first child in September 2022!

The former Home and Away star said on Instagram, “There is a tiny human coming soon… everyone act shocked when he inevitably acquires his parents quirky sense of humour,” alongside a cute photo of their ultrasound as she kissed Jordie.

She continued, “The importance of being unapologetically yourself, always finding the fun and humour in all the small things, and that being kind, loving, and empathetic is a superpower,” adding that she and Jordie don’t take life too seriously and they’re hoping to instil the same sense of frivolity into their little one.

(Photo via Instagram)

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Sam and Jordie disclosed on July 7 that they got engaged in late May while taking a romantic trip to Uluru. Sam explained the proposal: “It is a very crucial time in our lives; we recently got engaged and to celebrate we thought we would go on a 14-day road trip.”

(Photo via Instagram)

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Sam and Jordie, dubbed “coupla snow bunnies,” spent the day skiing at Mount Hotham.

(Photo via Instagram)

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Plus one warning! Jordie went to her friend’s wedding with Sam in June, and we have to admit that they look very stunning together.

(Photo via Instagram)

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After their recent road trip to the Flinders Ranges, Jordie gushed over Sam. Sambo “blew me away with how confident and comfortable she was,” the author said. “I thought putting Sambo out here on this journey would be throwing her into the deep end.” Sam started the fire and started cooking dinner while I was still setting up the tent.

(Photo via Instagram)

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In the middle of June, Sam and Jordie couldn’t have been happier as they had a night out at the AFL.

(Photo via Instagram)

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After the two of them had a road trip across Victoria in early June, Jordie wrote a touching homage to Sam.

The Survivor contestant captioned this photo of Sam, writing, “I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to not only experience this adventure with her but also to live life with her. Everyday with her is an adventure and an exploration to find just how much juice we can suck out of life.

“Thanks to you, I laugh and learn more every day, and you continue to motivate and thrill me more and more every day, making me a better guy.”

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Sam praised Jordie for taking her on the “experience of a lifetime” after a quick trip to Uluru.

She wrote in the caption of this picture, “I loved listening and learning. Your soul and deep connection to the land and people is very lovely. Feeling extremely honoured to make this trip with you. I enjoy living with you.

(Photo via Instagram)

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Sam and Jordie have kept very detailed records of their May 2022 trip to Uluru, and they couldn’t be more content!

(Photo via Instagram)

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Thank you for making me so happy; I’m a very blessed woman. You are the funniest person I have ever met.

(Photo via Instagram)

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Sam and Jordie took a romantic break to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia in the middle of May.

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Together toothbrushing couples tend to remain together! Sam posted this adorable photo of her and Jordie on Easter wearing coordinated clothing.

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Jordie posted this image at Sam’s Believe book launch, “A blazing light in a world full of torch snuffers. So proud of you.

(Photo via Instagram)

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They make a very attractive couple.

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Sam captioned this picture of her and Jordie’s cute puppies, “So unbelievably grateful for you. Thank you for everything you do for our little family. We love you so much!”

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Sam publicly wished Jordie a happy 27th birthday in late May. Regarding their age difference, the 33-year-old has previously joked, “I’m a little cougar you know.”

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Greetings from the in-laws! Sam posted this image of a night out with Jordie and his brother Jesse on social media.

(Photo via Instagram)

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“Are you kidding? STOP IT… This is a win for the Everyman. They claimed it wasn’t possible. You’re a dreamer. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Shoot for the stars kids,” Jordie said beside this photo of Sam in April.

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The future of Jordie and Sam’s relationship is something we eagerly await!

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