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Should Eric and Donna Marry After His Divorce On The Bold and the Beautiful?

Bold and the Beautiful

Eric Forrester just whipped through another marriage on The Bold and the Beautiful, but at least this one lasted six years. Eric and Quinn Fuller Forrester were just not meant to be and after a tumultuous and confusing year, they ended things amicably and we are to assume that Quinn is living happily ever after off-screen with Carter Walton now that Rena Sofer has left the soap.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

In the end, it was Eric’s (John McCook) inability to stay away from former wife Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) that did in his marriage to Quinn, but now that Donna and her Honey Bear are free to be together, they seem happier than ever. That then begs the question Soap Hub had to ask. Should this pair wed again?

B&B: Pull Out All The Wedding Stops

Get that Forrester living room ready say 41% of you because it’s time for another wedding. Donna and Eric need to marry again and this time get it right and what better place to do that than the Forrester living room? Heck, they can even make things awkward and have Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) officiate.

Donna certainly seems to believe that Eric is the love of her life and Eric feels like himself with Donna, so why not just make it official?

The Bold and the Beautiful: Don’t Rock The Boat

Another 37% of you like Donna and Eric just the way they are right now and hope that they like things this way too. Why should they saddle themselves with marriage when they can just go on being happy together without all the hassle of a wedding? And think how easy it would be to end things one day if they just don’t make it legal.

Eric, Protect Yourself

If they do marry and decide to end things one day, the final 22% of you advise the very wealthy Eric to get himself a prenup and fast. He can even add that awkward factor by getting Carter to draw the agreement up. After all, those Logan women like to live a nice life, don’t they?
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