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General Hospital:. Maura West Talks About Aunt Ava’s Role In GH Leo’s Autism Story

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Julian Jerome may have gone to the great beyond on General Hospital, but his son Leo Quartermaine is still in town, and his Aunt Ava Jerome Cassadine could be more a part of his life…perhaps…if that’s what the writers want. Ava’s portrayer, Maura West, recently discussed the possibility.

Maura West Talks Aunt Ava

It was during the General Hospital Fantasy Events Zoom with her former co-star Michael Park (ex-Jack Snyder) when an attendee, Joanne asked her thoughts about the autism story, considering the star has a son who is Autistic as well and wondering if the show will deal with Ava’s role in his life.

“I don’t know,” she answered honestly. “I hope so. I think the tricky thing with her being his aunt…she’s not anymore, right? Because he was adopted by…[Ned Quartermaine] Wally Kurth adopted him so nicely…and Wally Kurth is a hero of mine for many reasons, but yes, I love working with young actors, and that young actor is a doll.” The actor in question is, of course, Easton Rocket Sweda, who plays Leo.

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“I love working with young people,” she reiterated. “And yeah, I think the autism story is timely. I would like to go further into that. The answer is yes to that. I don’t know if that would happen. I don’t know if they’ll use Ava to focus on that. It’d be nice if they did. I would think it would be more Olivia [Falconeri Quartermaine, Lisa LoCicero] and Wally [Ned].”

Soap Hub certainly hopes that the show doesn’t think that as Leo’s biological aunt, Ava’s role should be forgotten about simply because her brother has passed away and his son was adopted by his mother’s husband. But time will tell.

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