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Who Is Stephanie Johnson’s Perfect Match?

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson had barely returned to Days of our Lives before she was almost shot by her Papa, had her mom kidnapped, bantered with Alex Kiriakis, and offered her sympathies to Chad DiMera.

Days of our Lives Polling

So Stephanie’s (Abigail Klein) dance card is pretty full. But who is the right man for her? What almost 3,000 voters told us:

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DAYS: In the Blood

Nobody currently on the canvas, 59% of you are putting your foot down. Stephanie is related to practically everyone in Salem, if not by blood, then by adoption. And if they’re not related to her, then they watched her grow up. Either way, we desperately need some new blood. And if we need it, we can imagine Stephanie needs it even more.

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Days of our Lives Job Opening

She and Chad (Billy Flynn) already had a nice chat, 35% of the audience pointed out, so why not keep on down that track? He needs his heart healed, and she…seems like a nice person.

Chad likes women who are spirited, and headstrong…and who can step in and take care of Thomas and Charlotte since, God forbid, Chad has no intention of doing it. Stephanie checks all those boxes, plus she hasn’t been in town the last few years to know about some of Chad’s less than heroic moments. It’s a perfect match!

DOOL: Bad Boy

Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) has decided that Stephanie is the perfect woman for him, and 26% of fans are happy to go along with that decision. They’re both, you know, pretty and, most importantly, without the kind of baggage that Chad comes with.

Alex just wants to spoil and romance Stephanie, not fit her into the blank space Abigail Deveraux DiMera (Marci Miller) left behind. She deserves to have some fun with a guy who isn’t in mourning and perpetually pouting. When was the last time Salem saw a truly fun couple?
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