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DAYS’ Abigail Klein It’s A Small World After All


Days of our Lives’ Stephanie Johnson has traveled from Seattle to Salem to reunite with her family. Daytime newcomer Abigail Klein, who has assumed the role of Steve and Kayla’s daughter, knows about hopping on a plane. She recently sat down with Soap Hub to chat about her adventures for this weeks’ installment of Travel Tuesday.

Abigail Klein Talks About Traveling ‘Beyond Salem’

If you check out Klein’s Instagram page, you’ll see that she’s done some extensive traveling. Her experience going both abroad and traveling in the United States has given her many wonderful experiences. Read on to hear what the DAYS newcomer, who first debuted on DAYS: Beyond Salem on the peacock, has to say about travel!

Soap Hub: What’s been one of our favorite destinations?
Abigail Klein:
My trip to Barcelona just came to mind probably because I love food, and the food there was absolutely divine. Also, Tel Aviv was amazing, too, delicious, and fascinating. I just went to Paso Robles [in California]. I love wine tasting, so that was another fun place to go to.

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Soap Hub: Do you tend to over-pack or under-pack?
Abigail Klein:
I have to say that I am the best packer, and I’m really good at underpacking. [Laughs] I say that proudly! I take the bare minimum with me. I only bring a carry-on, and I don’t like to deal with checking bags. One reason is that when I get to where I’m going, I like to get out right away and get to the adventuring.

Soap Hub: Do you pre-plan where you’ll go in advance or start exploring when you arrive? And do you prefer hitting big tourist attractions or going to local hangouts?
Abigail Klein:
I do a mix when it comes to visiting the big touristy spots and the local places. When it comes to the big places, you can’t miss the Trevi Fountain [when you visit Italy], but I also like to hit the local spots and restaurants and do some people-watching. I like to live as if I’m part of the community that I’m visiting. That, to me, is much more fun.

Soap Hub: What do you take away from seeing other cultures?
Abigail Klein:
It’s just that feeling of — not in a bad way — but being reminded that we’re all so small, yet we’re all so interconnected. That’s what I take away from my travels. You can get bogged down in life with stress and feeling as if you have the weight of the world on you for whatever reason. When I travel, I feel like, ‘Oh, my gosh. These things that I’m worried about are so insignificant.’ It is such a big world out there. There’s more vastness than I can think about on a given day. When I travel, I feel refreshed and enriched. We’re small, but we’re all so interconnected.

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