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Home and Away’s Tane faces sinister threats in 17 spoiler pictures


Lyrik are at a crossroads

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The timing couldn’t be worse

Felicity wants Lyrik to start playing regular gigs at Salt, but with no lead singer, this won’t be possible.

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Eden and Kirby discuss the future

They decide to hold auditions for a new lead singer.

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Kirby asks Felicity for a favour

The band wants to hold the auditions at Salt.

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Felicity agrees to help

It’s certainly in Salt’s best interests if the band can find a new member.

5 20

Theo makes a big decision

Even though he’s busy with his studies, he wants to try out for the band.

6 18

Theo has to fight for a chance

After Theo turns up late for the auditions, the band tell him to leave. Theo refuses to give up so easily, grabbing Remi’s guitar and taking to the mic.

7 16

Theo’s singing impresses everyone

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Tane is worried

The gang are posing a threat to his family’s safety.

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Felicity tells Tex that he’s not welcome at Salt

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