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Home and Away boys enjoy holiday together during show production break

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During the show’s production break, the Home and Away boys have been vacationing together in Bali, and from the pictures, they appear to be having a great time.

Matt Evans (Theo), Luke Van Os (Xander), and Kawakawa Fox-Reo (Nikau) have all posted photos from their holiday on Instagram. Matt wrote: “Decided to stay one more week in Bali and im so pleased I did. To show how loud my phone is, swipe to the third photo.

The images show all three of the boys relaxing in the hotel pool and striking amusing expressions.

Luke, meanwhile, shared photos of their mountain biking excursions with the hashtag “why walk when you can risk your life on a trail bike #bali.”

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Matt Evans discussed how people view his character Theo now as opposed to when he first came in the Bay.

They’ve changed their minds and now like him, he exclaimed.

“I think the public’s opinion of Theo has completely changed. People assumed he was a cocky young child when he first arrived because of his ego and his outward appearance, but there was undoubtedly more to him than that.

“He was able to resolve his issues, and I believe that the people can now relate to him. People can now understand him since his cheeky side is more cute than naughty, he continued.

Additionally, Matt discussed how his persona evolved, changing from a troublemaker to the slightly softer person he is today.

Occasionally, he admitted, “I was finding it difficult to play some of the things I needed to because I felt like such a wicked little kid, which is so different from me.”

“I tried to soften him while still retaining his cheeky, enjoyable, and sardonic side, and I believe I was successful. It obviously depends on the plot and the experiences he has, but I still want to be able to maintain the cheeky, jovial part of him that I still think he possesses at the moment.”

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