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eight big moments coming up – 8 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Next week on Home and Away, it’s all change at Salt as Mac agrees to go into partnership with Felicity.

Elsewhere, Rose pursues a new relationship to get over Cash, while Nikau becomes nervous when his recent bravery is rewarded.

Here’s a full collection of eight big moments coming up.

Felicity buys into Salt

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Following Mac’s recent hunt for additional income, Felicity informs Cash that she wants to use her portion of their inheritance money to purchase Salt.

Cash argues that if his sister is prepared to use the money left over from their deceased father, she must be serious. Mac is sceptical about having Felicity as a business partner.

In the end, Mac has a change of heart and decides to partner with Felicity.

Rose tries to move on from Cash

home and away 2 cash newman rose delaney6 1655738157 1

Rose makes it a point to pursue a relationship with newcomer Tex since she is still humiliated about being rejected by Cash a few weeks ago.

Cash is irritated that Rose has asked not to work the same shifts as him because he fears that this would reflect poorly on his professional standing.

Rose won’t give in and later reveals to Xander her plans to avoid Cash at all costs. Knowing that it would be challenging once Jasmine returns to the Bay, Xander opposes this.

Rose is honest with Xander

home and away 2 xander rose delaney1 1652887000

Xander and Rose are still at odds over her choosing to pursue a relationship with Tex. After a day of arguments, Rose decides to be more open with Xander by admitting that she still loves Cash and that she needs to find a method to deal with her feelings.

Rose is ready to accept Tex’s invitation to come away for a few days because she still won’t stop using him as a diversion.

Justin receives bad news

home and away 3 justin morgan theo poulos3 1658677332 4

After making Theo falsely accuse him of cheating on his TAFE project, Justin still feels bad. Fortunately, Theo’s luck turns around when he succeeds on his exam, saving his spot in the course.

Although Theo’s situation is improving, Justin receives bad news when he is informed that, as a result of the cheating scandal, he can no longer assist apprentices.

Justin seeks help from Ziggy

home and away 1 theo poulos justin morgan7 1657204180 1

Justin lets his family know that he won’t be able to supervise Theo’s apprenticeship any longer. The information worries Theo, who wonders where it leaves him.

Justin asks Ziggy to take over while he frantically searches for a solution. The offer surprises Ziggy, who wonders if she’ll have to postpone her planned road trip with Dean in order to help Theo.

Lyrik arrive in Summer Bay

home and away 4 remi bob kirby eden2 1659265291

Tane and Felicity are having a passionate moment when the sounds of turmoil outside interrupt them. When Tane discovers a band doing a surprise concert on his front lawn, he is shocked.

It turns out that Felicity knew the four-piece band, Lyrik, while she lived in the city and that they are old friends.

Lyrik are eager to get into the party mood for a while after a busy time on tour, so they settle in at the Parata home. Tane strives to enforce the law because she is incensed by their disregard for the house rules.

Nikau is nominated for an award

home and away 4 nikau parata rescues swimmer1 1657895599 3

After his recent dramatic rescue of Naomi’s sister, Nikau is informed that he has been nominated for a bravery award. Nikau is alarmed by the news since he dislikes the thought of giving a speech at the occasion.

Nikau agrees to go despite his reservations, but he is concerned that Naomi is getting too close for comfort when she requests to be his plus-one.

Mac and Felicity start to clash over Salt

home and away 1 mackenzie booth felicity newman1 1658675434 1

Felicity shares some big new ideas for Salt now that she’s a partner in the business. Mac is uneasy over this, wanting to play it safe and carry things on as normal.

After some home truths from Dean about how she’s a control freak, Mac finally backs down and agrees to hear Felicity out over her ideas.

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