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Shots fired in promo for Home and Away’s Mid-Season Return


Home and Away has released a promo for its Commonwealth Games return, and one favourite is left fighting for their life as a police operation goes badly wrong.

The show, which is taking a pause while the Commonwealth Games are being held in Australia, wrapped up this week with a massive mid-season finale in which Tane (Ethan Browne) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) worked together to take down Tex’s bikie gang.

The programme has been taken off the air for the duration of the games, and because Neighbours just broadcast its final episode ever in Australia, Australian viewers won’t have access to either soap opera until Home and Away returns on Monday, August 8.

A teaser for the drama that will follow the games has been posted by the show in order to generate interest in its upcoming comeback. After gunshots, someone’s life is at stake!

Home and Away 7802 Rose hears from the coroner about PKs cause of death 01

In the latter episodes, Rose approached Tane and inquired about his knowledge about Tex (Lucas Lineham). She recently discovered that her new partner is concealing something, and her suspicions were confirmed when she attempted to follow him on social media but came up empty-handed.

Tane, on the other hand, was worried because Tex hadn’t been seen for days. After Ari stole from them in an armed robbery over ten years ago, Tex and his gang of bikers are seeking retribution and want Tane to pay.

Tane assumed that the gang was playing a joke on them because they had agreed that this was the week that a task would be carried out and that Tane would use Summer Bay Fit to launder the money.

Home and Away 7821 Tane and Felicity find a letter from Mackenzie putting Flick in charge of Salt 02

The latest development was that they were sending Tane a new employee to work at the gym, a “book-keeper” named Geneveve who would be handling everything to do with the money laundering. When Tane called Tex for an update, he returned to the bay and informed Tane of the latest development.

Tex also reunited with Rose and appeared as besotted as ever. However, Rose used his return as an opportunity to run a check on his car, discovering that it was actually registered to a bikie named Lee Wheeler, not the Tex Wheeler her fling has been masquerading as.

Home and Away 7817 Tex checks out Rose 01 2

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