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Home and Away’s Mackenzie Booth to give Ari Parata an ultimatum over their future


Ari reacts to Mackenzie’s bar fight.

Ari Parata will receive an ultimatum from Mackenzie Booth of Home and Away because she wants a serious relationship.

Emmy Weir’s character Mackenzie tells Rob Kipa-Williams about her shocking bar brawl with Madeleine Jevic’s character Amber Simmons in scenes airing this week in Australia and next month in the UK (via TV Week). She also explains that she doesn’t want merely a casual romance.

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Mackenzie makes it obvious that she wants a more committed relationship and that if Ari is unable to provide it, she will stop their relationship.

She leaves out her hidden feelings for Ari’s brother Tane (Ethan Browne), which were a key contributing factor to the altercation, so she doesn’t disclose the complete story.
Later, Mackenzie and Ari enjoy their time together on a yacht. When Mackenzie was younger, Ari discovers that she went fishing. And Mackenzie learns that Ari has become more selective in his dating after his time in jail.

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When their date is over, they are noticeably much happier – but Mackenzie still has doubts.

Elsewhere this week, Marilyn Chambers will struggle following her split from John Palmer.

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