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Home and Away confirms new love interest for Rose Delaney


Home and Away‘s Rose Delaney tries to move on from her feelings for Cash Newman on UK screens next week.

Since they first met a few weeks ago, Rose has had feelings for Cash, but she hasn’t been able to act on them because of his connection with her sister Jasmine.

In subsequent episodes on Channel 5, Rose attracts the attention of Tex, a newbie to Summer Bay who was recently recruited as a handyman by Marilyn Chambers.

Since Rose is still struggling with her love for Cash and is uncertain about her future in the Bay, she initially ignores Tex.

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When Mackenzie Booth recently moved out of the pier apartment, Rose is at a crossroads. Her brother Xander wants to move in.

Rose breaks the bad news to Xander that she’d prefer to leave Summer Bay even though the place looks nice.

Insisting that Rose not depart so soon, Xander warns that Jasmine’s abandonment issues might resurface.

Xander confronts Cash about Rose’s intentions to leave as well since he thinks the officer’s harsh treatment of Rose contributed to her decision.

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Rose decides to hang around to see if she can get past the previous difficult circumstance after Cash steps in and begs her to stay.

Later, after helping Xander set up the new flat, Rose chooses to accept Tex’s invitation to a drink.

Rose and Tex get along great, but Xander interrupts them shortly after.

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Xander is confused over why Rose is suddenly dating Tex when she was still hung up on Cash so recently.

Rose explains that it’s time to turn a new page and Tex is like a breath of fresh air in her life.

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