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Days of Our Lives Recap: Dr. Rolf and Gwen Are Among Those Pardoned and Shawn and Belle Take Steps to Reconcile

Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Recap: Dr. Rolf and Gwen Are Among Those Pardoned and Shawn and Belle Take Steps to Reconcile

At home, Shawn apologizes to Belle for not telling her he had sex with Jan when he thought she was her. He also should have involved her in all the decisions about the baby. She knows she didn’t make it easy for him, but Shawn feels he should have worked harder to find a solution they could all live with. Belle can’t lay all the blame on him. She did what she always does when things get rough between them — she sought comfort from another man. He knows she wanted to hurt him, but he wonders if she fell in love with EJ. She insists it was never love. She cries as she apologizes for hurting him. Now that they’re both sorry, Shawn wonders where that leaves them.

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Evan finds Orpheus in the prison community room. He’s excited they got their pardons, but Orpheus growls that Kristen’s special requests nearly tanked their entire deal. Dr. Rolf (played by Richard Wharton) bursts in. He embraces Orpheus for including him the deal, but Evan tells him his release was Kristen’s doing. Rolf grins. He should have known. Kristen always was the shrewd one.

After Rolf leaves, Evan anticipates getting his kid back from Shawn. Orpheus hands him the original paternity test that proves Shawn isn’t the father of Jan’s baby.

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Kristen in prison blues behind bars

Kristen returns to her cell and cackles as she tells Gwen she got them both pardons. Gwen wonders why she helped her. Kristen proclaims she owed her one for coming through for her along with Ava. When Gwen asks, Kristen explains she couldn’t get a pardon for Lani because the governor doesn’t have out-of-state jurisdiction. A gleeful Gwen jumps up and down over getting released.

After the five Salem villains leave prison together, Rolf thanks Kristen for getting him out. She knows it’s what her father would have wanted. She tells him to hold tight because she might be in need of his services. He leaves and Gwen asks what she has planned. Kristen can only share she plans to get back everything she lost. How about Gwen? Gwen thinks Jack is the only relationship she can repair since Xander has Sarah. Kristen urges her to go after what she wants and not let anyone stand in her way.

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Outside the prison, Gwen watches as a glaring Kristen leans toward an unfazed Dr. Rolf

At the Salem PD, Xander yells at Rafe to let Sarah out of the interrogation room. Rafe tells him to calm down, she’s just being questioned. A frustrated Xander rants about losing out on their happily ever after again. Rafe points out that even if Sarah is innocent, which Xander emphatically declares she is, she could still shed light on the investigation. Rafe gets a call from Abe about the pardons.

In the interrogation room, Jada tells Sarah that Lucas placed her at the DiMera house the night of Abigail’s murder. She then asks about the drug she’s taking. Sarah is forced to admit she’s been hallucinating ever since Abigail left that syringe in the tunnels. When Jada asks if she was upset with Abigail, Sarah shouts that she’s angry at the sadistic bitch, Kristen who injected her with it.

In the interrogation room, Sarah sits across the table from Jada

Next, Jada leads Sarah to detail her attempted attacks while hallucinating, which includes taking a knife to Chanel. She adds that she never went to the DiMera mansion that night, but Jada says Lucas saw her and that she dropped something. Jada believes it was the murder weapon. Sarah declares she loved her cousin, who rescued her from Kristen. Why would she hurt her? Jada points out she could have hallucinated that Abigail was Kristen. If she’s not under arrest, Sarah would like to leave.

A shaken-up Sarah finds Xander in the squad room and asks him to take her home.

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At the police station, Xander reaches out for a tense Sarah

Jake comes home to Ava tells an unaware Jake that the governor issued several pardons, including one for Kristen. He wonders if Ava used her mob ties to make that happen. Ava assures him she had nothing to do with it, but she likes that he thinks she has that kind of power. He knows she’s a woman of many talents. She seductively grins and says, “And don’t you forget it.” They make out.

Fully clothes, Jake and Ava kiss on their bed

After learning the news of the pardons, Belle and Shawn check on their loved ones to make sure they’re safe. Evan waltzes in. He’s there for his son — Shawn Christian. Shawn orders him to leave, now, but Evan explains his connection to Jan and produces the paternity test. When Shawn and Belle protest, Evan offers to take another test. They vow to fight him, but Evan announces he will be back with a court order.

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At home, Jake and Ava skeptically listen to Kristen

Over dinner and wine at home, Jake recounts to Ava how Kristen cryptically declared they’ll do great things together after voting his way at the shareholders’ meeting. As soon as he finishes his story, Kristen knocks on the door. She’s there to collect on the favors he owes her. First up, she needs a place to stay.

As Xander and Sarah walk through the Square, she wonders how someone could take Abigail’s life. Xander hugs her as she wonders how the day could get any worse. Gwen strolls up. Their eyes bulge. She tells them she was pardoned. “Isn’t that the best news ever?,” she says and strides away.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf toasts to Stefano’s portrait. Thanks to Kristen he can finally get back to his important work. He hopes to continue making Stefano proud and heads into the tunnels.

Rafe brings Jada to the Pub to celebrate her great first day and to update her on the pardoned villains. Clyde strolls up. He vows to Rafe he’ll be a model citizen.

Outside Brady's Pub, Jada grins at Rafe who talks with his hands and raised eyebrows

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