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Neighbours Final Spoilers – Terese and Paul prepare to say goodbye


Next week on Neighbours, Terese finds herself back in Paul’s orbit. Is there time for one final reconciliation before we say goodbye for good?

These scenes will air in the UK from Monday 25th July, and in Australia from Tuesday 26th July.

Neighbours Roundup Paul Terese and Elvis

The ideal will-they-won’t-they couple is Terese and Paul. Despite having an affinity for each other from fairly early on, it took them a long time to even get together and get married in 2019.

Paul found himself battling against his own kid as Terese developed a romantic bond with Leo after having to compete against Gary Canning (Damien Richardson) and his nimble ladybird (Tim Kano).

Neighbours Aus Pace 38 Paul and Terese

Finally, the power couple reconnected, and they enjoyed a lot of happy years together. Paul gave up his treasured penthouse and moved into Number 22 Ramsay Street as a full-fledged resident.

There were some issues, but after Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) consented to have David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) child and the three came to an intricate co-parenting arrangement, things really took a turn for the worse.

Neighbours credits change – Paul talks to Nicolette

Since Paul had always detested Nicolette, he finally used harsh words to drive her out of town, and Nicolette vanished to Canberra with the unborn child in tow. Paul found Nicolette and made her an offer of $1 million in exchange for her handing over the child and leaving their lives alone forever.

Nicolette complied with his absurd request, but she actually gave him another child instead: Abigail, who was Leo’s daughter, but was actually Britney Barns’ (Montana Cox) daughter as well.

The situation became quite perplexing, but Terese was unable to handle it when the reality about Paul’s machinations emerged. Paul was expelled from No. 22 after she left, and they haven’t been together since.

Neighbours 8760 Paul Melanie and Leo see Glen moving into Tereses house 12 1

It’s fair to say that Terese’s relapse into drink has made their separation anything than simple. She ended a lonesome Christmas Day day by hanging herself from the hotel’s roof.

Terese’s love for Paul’s half-brother Glen made things more challenging (Richard Huggett). Terese and Glen grew closer after Paul told Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson), as retaliation, that Glen was actually her father.

Neighbours 8860 Glen spies Paul flirting with Tereses mother Estelle 6

When Terese’s mum Estelle (Maria Mercedes) arrived in town, Paul tried using her to get to Terese, inviting her out to dinner and even buying her expensive jewellery. While Paul insisted he loved Terese, it seemed he would stop at nothing to hurt her.

Neighbours 8860 Glen spies Paul flirting with Tereses mother Estelle 6 1

However, Paul’s stance has softened in recent weeks. Wanting to finalise their divorce and move on with his life, Paul offered to buy Terese out of Lassiters, a move which would set her up financially.

This week, Terese gets a surprise offer as she’s given the opportunity of buying River Bend. Wanting to put the past behind her, and spurred on by Glen and Kiri, she seriously considers it.

Neighbours Finale 8903 17 Paul and Terese

Paul thinks about starting again as well. He realises his future might actually be in New York when he video chats with his three adult children, Amy Williams (Zoe Cramond), Elle Robinson (Pippa Black), and Andrew Robinson (Jordan Patrick Smith), later in the week.

Moving away would be the ideal fresh start as he considers selling Lassiters to Shane Ramsay (Peter O’Brien).

Even better, David chooses to follow him in the final week since he also wants a fresh start after everything that has happened to him in the previous few months. They can continue with their co-parenting arrangement in the United States because Nicolette is willing to do it too following their disagreement with Jane (Annie Jones).

Neighbours Glamorous Goodbye Video 5 Chris Annie Lucy 1

Then, Chris Pappas (James Mason) and Annie, his child with Paul’s sister Lucy, come in town (Melissa Bell). Leo decides to move to the US together with David and Paul after being encouraged by the Robinson family reunion.

The Robinsons’ relocation to New York is confirmed!

In the final week, Terese and Paul are preparing to leave Erinsborough by packing up their lives. But when they both suddenly find themselves back in each other’s spheres, it starts to rekindle old emotions.

Then, after making a shocking discovery, Terese becomes overly emotional and is on the verge of losing it at Glen. What exactly has she learned as she stands up for Paul?

Neighbours 8843 Paul reveals Glens secret to Kiri 5

Terese’s persistent commitment to Paul astounds Glen. He has had this suspicion for some time, but it wasn’t until last week that he learned Terese had discreetly worked to make sure the antiques fair at Lassiters was a success. At the time, he questioned why Terese was still working with Paul after everything they had gone through.

Glen learns a sad truth as Terese works to reassure him that there is nothing to worry about.

Neighbours 8752 Paul rescues Terese

As Toadie and Melanie’s wedding gets underway in the show’s final episodes, Terese and Paul confront their unresolved feelings.

Will they or won’t they get back together?!

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