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Days of Our Lives Preview: Bo Is Alive. Will He Reunite With Hope?

Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Preview: Bo Is Alive. Will He Reunite With Hope?

It’s “sort of a no-brainer!”  

Admit it. You gasped when, at the end of Beyond Salem‘s latest chapter, that mist-filled chamber opened and out stepped not Stefano, but Bo! “We tried to do a little misdirect that maybe [Megan] was trying to cure Stefano,” headwriter Ron Carlivati admitted to Soap Opera Digest, “because that was her original plot.”

It was in researching Bo and Hope’s history with fellow Days of Our Lives writer Ryan Quan that the pieces fell into place. “Ryan was schooling me about what the prisms were for and that Megan was trying to cure Stefano’s brain tumor. And I was like, ‘Didn’t Bo die of a brain tumor?’ I was like, ‘This is kind of perfect!’ Because, of course, even though we knew [Bo] was going to be in heaven, we wanted ultimately to kind of get him out of there.”

Days Beyond Salem Bo Alive

The minute Bo opened his eyes, we shouted, “Ugh! Give us chapter 3… now!”

Credit: Peacock screenshot

Three prisms and one cryochamber later, voila! Given the final scene of Beyond Salem‘s second chapter, Carlivati admitted it is “sort of a no-brainer that Beyond Salem: Chapter 3 would be the continuation of this story.”

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Heck, the story practically writes itself. The final episode of Chapter 2 (which you can read a summary of here) found Hope promising to try and get help for Harris, who’d both married and tried to kill her. Harris indicated that perhaps he, like others Megan had used, had been brainwashed. The implication was that despite everything, he and Hope might have genuine feelings for one another.

Were the next chapter to flash-forward a bit, we might learn that Hope has reunited with a deprogrammed Harris. Perhaps while on a trip to some exotic local — the show is, after all, called Beyond Salem — she spots, out of the corner of her eye, a man who looks like her late, great love. “Bo?” she gasps, only to quickly tell herself it couldn’t possibly have been. After all, he died in her arms, and she’s had memory flashes of their all-too-brief reunion in heaven.

Meanwhile, a memory-addled Bo is living under a different name, believing himself to be in love with Megan. But somewhere in the back of his mind, images of a mysterious, ice-skating beauty linger…

Like we said, the story (or at least its opening chapter) practically writes itself.

The only question now is whether or not Carlivati and his team will be given the opportunity to tell it. “The phone hasn’t run yet with [Peacock] saying they want five more,” he said. “But I’m holding out hope that that could happen soon, because that would be really fun. And unlike the first two, it isn’t starting from scratch. It might just be the continuation of this story!”

While we wait for the next chapter of Bo and Hope’s love story, why not join us in reliving their already epic tale via this gorgeous photo album

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