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10 big moments coming up: huge Home and Away spoilers for next week


Next week on Home and Away, Nikau is hailed a hero for saving a woman’s life.

Elsewhere, Tane tries to take the next step in his relationship with Felicity, while Mackenzie faces an emotional time as she prepares for court.

Here’s a full collection of 10 big moments coming up.

Rose addresses her feelings for Cash

home and away 5 rose delaney cash newman6 1650471460

Rose’s feelings for Cash are realised by Xander. Rose acknowledges that ever since she first saw Cash, she has had these feelings.

Cash immediately takes action to set the record right by saying that he is solely interested in Jasmine after realising how Rose may be feeling. Cash tells Rose that they can only ever be friends, which makes Rose feel ashamed.

Rose tries to cover her hurt feelings

home and away 3 rose delaney cash newman7 1653420043

Cash confronts Xander about how he treated Rose cruelly, but Cash counters that it was necessary to establish some limits.

Rose turns the tables on Cash by pretending that he was incorrect to think she had affections for him while they are working a shift together. She establishes her own ground rules, telling them to act professionally at work and keep their distance from one another outside of family gatherings.

 Mac moves out

home and away 1 dean thompson mackenzie booth2 1657893639 1

A 7-day eviction notice puts Mac in the midst of yet another emotional dilemma. The real estate company refuses to budge, despite Dean’s best efforts, arguing that he had no right to sublease the apartment to Mac in the first place.

Mac plans to temporarily relocate into a motel, but Dean encourages her to remain at the farmhouse with him and Ziggy instead.

Mac prepares for possible prison time

home and away 1 mackenzie booth2 1657893654 1

As she gets ready to testify in court regarding the illicit gambling incidents, Mac is nervous. With the help of Dean and Ziggy, she’s determined to cherish her final day of freedom.

Dean is concerned when he discovers Mac intoxicated and unconscious at Salt the morning of the sentence. Mac begs Dean in a distressed state not to force her to appear in court.

 Marilyn hires a new helper

home and away 4 roo stewart marilyn chambers2 1651153303

As new handyman Tex begins work and fills in for some of Alf’s responsibilities, Marilyn is delighted.

Irene observes Marilyn micromanaging Tex as she supervises his job. Marilyn is urged by Irene to be gentle with Tex because of his inexperience.

Although Rose is preoccupied with her affections for Cash, she barely realises that Tex has a thing for her.

Tane makes an offer to Felicity

home and away 4 tane parata felicity newman 1656768898 1

After Tane’s stabbing, Felicity has been residing at the Parata home to watch over him. Felicity, on the other hand, thinks she is no longer required and packs her bags when Tane goes back to work at the gym.

Felicity is happy when Tane asks her to move in permanently since she secretly wants to avoid going back to the RV park.

The couple is enjoying themselves when they both realise Nikau doesn’t appear to be particularly pleased about Felicity moving in. Nikau emphasises that while being around another happy couple would be challenging while Bella is away, he doesn’t have a problem with Felicity.

Tane supports Chloe

home and away 3 chloe anderson tane parata 1645203559

Leah reminds Chloe that she previously enjoyed having her own business and exhorts her to find some purpose in life once more. Being outraged, Chloe tells Leah to back off.

Instead, Chloe confides in Tane, revealing that she is reluctant to discuss her business goals because doing so would bring back painful memories of her father Matthew.

Tane arranges for Chloe to get off to a poor start by having her handle his accounting for the gym. Chloe apologises to Leah and takes her counsel on how to handle the books.

Nikau carries out another rescue

home and away 4 nikau parata rescues swimmer7 1657895617 1

When his lifeguard radio alerts him to a distressed swimmer, Nikau is on the phone with Bella. Nikau rushes to handle the problem while in charge of a group of other lifeguards aboard the beach’s rescue boat.

The woman is safely pulled from the ocean and returned to shore by Nikau and the others, where he and John provide CPR.

Naomi, the woman’s sister, witnesses the stressful rescue and is incredibly appreciative to Nikau for saving her sibling’s life.

Nikau faces two dilemmas

home and away 4 nikau parata rescues swimmer1 1657895599 2

When Naomi wants to take Nikau to lunch as a thank-you gift, Nikau finds himself in an unpleasant situation. Nikau is concerned that it might be taken as a date, but John argues that Naomi needs closure and that he should view it as part of his obligations.

The courageous lifeguard of Summer Bay must also decide whether to fly to New York to visit Bella because he misses her so much. Nikau decides to stay after he realises that the neighbourhood needs him.

 Justin goes overboard with helping Theo

home and away 1 theo poulos justin morgan7 1657204180 1

Justin tries to assist Theo with his most recent TAFE assignment, but he goes too far and completes the task for him. Theo feels uncomfortable because he understands that this isn’t his job.

Theo is assisted by Chloe as he approaches the job from scratch and uses his own language. Theo keeps this information from Justin, who continues to think that Leah’s nephew is submitting his version.

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