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Neighbours child star Scarlett Anderson discusses show ending in moving video


I simply want them to know that I won’t ever forget them.

Scarlett Anderson, a star of Neighbours, paid tribute to the television show in a heartfelt Twitter video.

Prior to the series’ grand conclusion in a few weeks, Anderson and John Turner, who play Nell and Hugo, respectively, the Rebecchi children, got down to share some of their favorite production-related recollections.

“I just want them to know, I’m never going to forget them”

Scarlett started on #Neighbours when she was only 6 weeks old, and years later John, at 9 months old would make his debut. These two have definitely stolen our hearts 💛 #CelebratingNeighbours pic.twitter.com/WJtLDfnPcp

— Neighbours (@neighbours) July 5, 2022

In her opening statement, Anderson selected one of her favorite sequences from the nine years she has been a cast member of Neighbours.

She recalled acting out a situation in which she had to take Susan’s prescription, pretend to pass out, and go to the hospital when she was about five or six years old.

“When I see it, it’s kind of spooky and I kind of forget about that, like, how long that’s been — and also the one when we pretended I was newly born, that’s a really wonderful scene too, and a sad one,” the author said.

What about Neighbours will she miss the most?

The atmosphere, she remarked, “where everyone’s just coming here on set and filming and we’re all having fun.”

“John and I have both pretty much grown up watching this show. Though it makes me sad that it will be coming to an end, I adore thinking about how… I should be grateful for how it all began and glad that I had a great time.”

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As she thanked her coworkers and thanked the audience, Anderson said, “They were really lovely and helpful to me when I was young and whatnot, because I sort of screwed up on my lines a bit, but they always had me and whispered the lines to me, or gave me a wonderful cue.

And I simply want them to know that they are in my thoughts constantly.

Talk about making you feel things deeply.

The final episode of Neighbours will show on Friday, July 29, in the UK and the day before in Australia. Filming is now complete.

The finale will be available to viewers in both nations during primetime evening programming.


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