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Days of Our Lives’ Hope Brady Dies in Beyond Salem Chapter 2 Episode 3

Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives’ Hope Brady Dies in Beyond Salem Chapter 2 Episode 3

Yeah, we’ve got one word for this development: Nope.

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, Chapter 2, has made our jaws drop so often that we really should be wearing a chinstrap by now. First, there was the resurrection of Stefano DiMera’s “late” daughter, Megan. (Read the photo-filled recap of Episode 1.) Then, there was the “Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” shock of Josh Taylor playing not Roman but his old character, Chris Kositchek. (Catch up on Episode 2 here.) Then, in the third episode, Larry Welch showed up to make Bo’s stay in heaven extra hellish. And on top of that… ack!

Wednesday’s installment found Hope agreeing to marry shady Harris, who is under orders from Megan to marry Bo’s “widow” and then kill her so that he inherits the prism that the schemer needs to make the Phoenix rise once more from the ashes. (Got all that?) But, perhaps sensing that Harris may have fallen for Hope for real, Megan retained Susan’s brother, Thomas, as a backup plan. (Hey, it pays to be prepared!)

Steve Burton, Kristian Alfonso, Victoria Konefal, Robert Scott Wilson, William BrennanBeyond Salem "Days of our Lives" NBC Studios Burbank 04/19/22 © XJJohnson/jpistudios.com 310-657-9661 Episode # P003-003 U.S.Airdate

“With this ring, I hurry this storyline along.”

Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

As the episode neared its conclusion, Hope and Harris exchanged vows in the park — with Megan eyeballing the goings-on as a card-carrying conniver is wont to do. At the same time, Bo had just gotten the OK to go back to Earth to ensure that Harris doesn’t put a frown on his Fancy Face. But it appeared that Bo got the green light too late — once the “I dos” were done, a shot rang out, and Hope collapsed. Wait, it gets more traumatic!

Next, Ben told Ciara that her mother was dead. It can’t possibly be. Can it? Obviously, Bo is going to have to bring her back to life a la Tripp, right?

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