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Home and Away safe on Channel 5 until makers decide to cancel it


Channel 5’s director of programmes Ben Frow confirmed the show’s future in this week’s Radio Times magazine.

Fans of soap operas naturally question if they should be concerned about the futures of their other favourite programmes as Neighbours, which will air its farewell episode this month on Channel 5, is scheduled to air its final episode ever.

Another Australian soap opera that airs on Channel 5 like Neighbours, Home and Away, may have seemed to have an especially bleak future.

Ben Frow, the head of programming for Channel 5, has officially confirmed the soap’s future on the network, which is excellent news for viewers.

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When asked if the future of Home and Away on the network would be in jeopardy, Frow responded: “No. However, I think it will be intriguing to observe how we use it as we advance. There may be another location on the 5 spectrum where it belongs. However, because of the life-of-series agreement, it won’t be cancelled until the producers decide to do so.”

As the soap opera approaches its 35th anniversary the next year, the news will undoubtedly be music to its fans’ ears. The 35th anniversary of Neighbours was in 2020, and its termination was announced in March of this year

Frow also spoke with Radio Times about the channel’s decision to axe Neighbours, saying it was purely “a business decision”. When asked whether he could have continued to spend money on the show he said: “Yes. Or I could spend the money on other things, which is what I decided to do. I can better spend the Neighbours money on UK shows.”

Neighbours’ final ever episode is set to air on Channel 5 on Friday 29th July, with multiple guest appearances in store from former stars.

Neighbours axing defended by Channel 5 boss claiming it was a ‘business decision’


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